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Media gives Burchett the traitor the soft treatment
from an austrailian paper

By Gerard Jackson
No. 60, 5-11 January 1998

Even though the Soviet Empire has collapsed our 'journalists' still refuse to call those Westerners who worked for the KGB traitors. This was brought home by media reports of Wilfred Burchett's widow being given the Order of Friendship by North Korea's Stalinist regime. The Australian described Burchett himself as merely a "Cold War journalist". The Australian Financial Review only referred to Burchett as suing Australian journalist Denis Warner over his accusations (later confirmed) Burchett worked with the North Korean regime during the Korean War. The Australian could not bring itself to even mention this bald fact, misleadingly stating that he covered the Korean and Vietnam wars, clearly suggesting that he was just an innocent journalist.

There is absolutely no doubt that during the Korean war Burchett actively participated in the interrogation of Australian, US and UK POWs by North Korean 'interrogators' who tried to force them into falsely confessing to war crime. This appalling incident was fully described during the Jack Kane libel trial. Burchett had decided to take libel action against Kane for an article accusing him of being a Soviet agent. During the ensuing trial Burchett adamantly denied that he was or had ever been a communist agent or that he had collaborated with North Korean interrogators in their 'questioning' of allied POWs. However, Kane's defence put Brigadier Phillip Greville, an Australian, on the stand. Greville had been captured and tortured by North Koreans. While on the stand Greville emphatically stated that Burchett was a traitor. This accusation was supported by other Australian, US and UK ex-POWs who had suffered because of Burchett's treason. One ex-POW who had testified for the defense became so emotional that he literally grabbed Burchett's throat, kneeing him in the chest as he dragged him to the ground before being pulled off him. The testimony of these men was utterly damning.

The Jury found in favour of Kane and he was awarded costs against Burchett. Nevertheless, Burchett had the gall to claim afterwards that he had been vindicated by the trial! A thoroughly dishonest assertion that his supporters laboured to give credence to. That Burchett was a long-time Soviet agent was revealed by Yuri Krotkov, a KGB defector. Giving evidence to a US Senate sub-committee in 1970, Krotkov stated that Burchett had supplied information to the KGB and that he worked for Hanoi and Beijing as an agent; he also confessed to Krotkov that he was a secret member of the Australian Communist Party. Krotkov's testimony was confirmed in part by Bui Cong Tuong and Ming Trung, North Vietnamese defectors, who told the Australian court that Burchett was a North Vietnam agent. Both men later disappeared, believed murdered on Hanoi's orders.

There is no doubt that Burchett was a thoroughly despicable man, a man who hated his country and who should have been imprisoned for his treason. So why did our media refused to relate these facts to the public. Because Burchett is still a hero to many, if not most, Australian 'journalists', not in spite of his treason but, I believe, because of it. Regardless of their best efforts, our left-wing 'journalists' will not be allowed to flush Burchett's treason down their Orwellian memory hole.


Grasshoppers and Elephants : Why Vietnam Fell
by Wilfred G., Burchett

vietnam journey
vietnam titles
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solution to the ongoing crisis in Vietnam in the 1960s. Eden was Prime Minister in the '50s, during the
Suez Crisis, an experience which no doubt helped temper his views toward what we would now call
"Third World" aspirations. An uncommon book in its own right, this copy is inscribed by the author to
Drew Middleton, longtime Chief Correspondent in Southeast Asia for The New York Times. Inscribed
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(c.1967). A folder of 37 items (mostly mechanically reproduced 8 1/2 by 11" sheets) concerning antiwar
demonstrations planned by the Spring Mobilization Committee founded by Rev. A.J. Muste. The
organization worked primarily through college campuses both with students and faculty; it was a
phenomenon of the times and a precursor to the many national demonstrations of today. All pieces are
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'LIBERATION' PARTY". (Santa Monica): (Rand Corp.) 1968. Short six-page paper for in-house use at
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709. Fitzgerald, Frances. FIRE IN THE LAKE. The Vietnamese and the Americans in Vietnam. Bos:
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jacket. Uncommon now in the first edition. 

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