Grenadians x(and all)
true, true

i want to be clear that i am not out to make a buck nor in any way hurt or take advantage of any of the musicians, music, anyone involved with the production, their families et al. most important really is for these documents to be as accurate and full as possible. my intentions are good . . eh . . will soon sketch out with your input, some sense of a way to make this music best available

those years from 1979 to the end (1983) were most important to me and to my very life. having had the amazing opporunity to work on three extensive films through that time gave me the real priviledge of having met many of the revolution. what rare and fine energies there were. they were. we are... still. it is in this spirit i hope we can make the CD (s).

i look forward to hearing from any of you that wish to help shape this aural history. to gather up some of the pieces . i look to ideas as to how to best make some of this history available . . . some early talkshop talk that started the ball rolling

both "Stand Up Grenada" (the first film we made down there. Ellen Ray and Bill Schaap) and GRENADA: The Future Coming Towards Us (the last. w/ Carmen Asshurst, Samori Marksman, Larry Bullard and more) will be available before long on DVD

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