Channeled in 1983 by Birgit Klein, from her spiritual guide Johannes. - * - THE ACTIVATION OF THE SEXUAL ENERGY OR THE KUNDALINI ENERGY The sexual energy or the Kundalini energy is the Divine energy, which can give rise to the physical and spiritual junction, and which contain the seed for transcendence in all thinkable ways. It is actually not only active in the sex act, it is a general cosmic energy, which has an important function in every human being's spiritual development. This energy springs from the Root chakra, from which it in the most important of the human processes rises and extends up through all the other chakras, and the final goal is to have this energy flowing freely through all the chakras, creating a circuit where the energy flow up through the spinal cord indicates how far one has come spiritually. A free-flowing sexual energy is not established within a couple of years, it is a very comprehensive process, which it takes many years to get a hold on. Therefore you should be very careful with meditation techniques, because some of them may cause a too early and too violent activation of this energy. As a rule of thumb you should keep in mind that in the beginning of the cleansing process you should avoid any violent physical techniques, and you must never exaggerate anything you have begun with, even if it has an apparently positive effect. Any exaggerations regarding e.g. long and deep meditations may cause the Kundalini energy to run amuck and cause disturbances and imbalances. You must always let your intuition guide you to what is good or what is bad for you. If you do not feel good about a certain technique, then do not listen to any explain away's and "authorized" answers - find a guide who you have confidence in, and stop doing the things which you feel are harmful to you. Human beings are different and similarly they need different techniques for their development - what is good for one person may be bad for another. The Kundalini energy must therefore be handled according to what it is - a good servant, but a dangerous enemy. It is often symbolized by a sleeping snake, and just as a snake is potentially dangerous, so is the Kundalini energy. It must rise of its own accord, quiet and peacefully, through years of transcendence and patient development. Therefore one should always be careful with techniques which makes everything proceed faster - some people are ready for this, while others (and that is the majority) are not. ORGASM AND KUNDALINI ENERGY The Kundalini energy is only sporadically mentioned, and perhaps it may be a bit difficult to understand what it really is. The spiritual part of reality, the spiritual dimension, is a more delicate vibration of the physical dimension, or perhaps one could say that the physical, material part of reality is a coarser vibration of the spiritual. In the spiritual universe the leading element is energy, it is an energy that comes from God, it is actually God's vibrations or his aura. God is our creator, he has created all that is, and it is through a gigantic discharge of his energy that the whole process of creation is started. The energy which exists in the spiritual universe is manifesting in different concentrations within each single individual, and the Kundalini energy is equivalent to this energy in each human being. When the physical life is the dominating aspect, then the Kundalini energy remains latent within a human being's root chakra, and it is only used sporadically, e.g. during the sex act, where there is a possibility for different kinds of transcendence which activate it to a more or lesser degree. When you begin to cleanse yourself, cleanse your chakras, and transcendent your blockages and tensions, then the Kundalini energy begins to extend up through your spiritual body, and the goal is a fully enlightened human being, whose spiritual and physical body is surrounded by Divine energy, flowing through the chakras in a circuit which mainly is experienced as an upward flow through the spinal cord. From being a closed unit, with blocked chakras and an inactive Kundalini energy, the human being has become an open channel for Divine energy, where God's energy can flow freely through all the chakras and create the most beautiful aura in all the colors of the rainbow. Within the moment of orgasm a very important connection between the physical and the spiritual body is opened, a connection which could be said to consist of a number of very delicate channels, which otherwise remain closed. The activation of the Kundalini energy during the sex act is the motor that opens these channels, and therefore it is very important that this act is done in the right spirit, with the right thoughts and feelings, for it is definitely not unimportant how one uses the powerful energy that begins to flow within both the physical and the spiritual body. If love is involved in the process which is activating the Kundalini energy, then it is much easier for this energy to flow to the heart chakra, this way activating this important chakra. But if the act is devoid of love, then the energy will rather flow to e.g. the solar plexus chakra, where this energy may have a negative effect, e.g. by creating impurities or imbalances, which may have a negative influence on a persons spiritual development. A too rapid and violent rising of the Kundalini energy, e.g. through powerful meditation techniques, may therefore have a disturbing effect on ones spiritual development, because it create disturbances in different chakras. A poorly balanced solar plexus chakra may in less severe cases make one very sensitive to bad vibrations, to other peoples thoughts, and to the realities of this world in general. In more severe cases this inexpedient Kundalini rising may cause mental disturbances of a more severe character, depressions, and also schizophrenia-like conditions. But as not to create any unnessecary anxiety by saying this, I would like to point out, that it actually takes quite a lot to cause severe problems. In most cases it just means a delay of the spiritual development, because people who have their Kundalini energy Activated are often seekers, who have been set to work with their spiritual development in different ways. The correct rising of the Kundalini energy must proceed in a quiet and peaceful manner, through a patient cleansing process of long duration, where one is involved in several different things - an active and loving sex life, meditation, and an active life where one is more focused on helping others than just being concerned with ones own life. Love is the mainstay, and if you are in doubt if some of the things you are doing has a negative or a positive effect on your spiritual development, then just ask yourself, if your or other people's actions are motivated by love. If you are able to transcend your own egoistic motives, and instead try to stay focused on giving, then the Kundalini energy will begin to rise in a quiet and peaceful manner, no matter what else you are doing. The road to enlightening, to complete human development, is first of all paved with actions of love. RISING OF THE KUNDALINI ENERGY AND SEX LIFE Many Eastern religions and sects have the idea, that an active sex life will delay the full rising of the Kundalini energy, because it will be fixated to the sex chakra, so that it cannot reach the higher chakras. This is only partially true, for if the parties in a sexual relationship really love each other, then their love on the contrary will make the Kundalini energy rise in a more harmonic way, and in a way which is very beneficial to the spiritual development. But if one's sex life is based on selfish and purely biological desires, then the energy will easily be fixated, and in more severe cases blockages will be created in the higher chakras. A life based upon love, in combination with an active and regular sex life, is one of the best ways to cleanse oneself and can be a very important factor in one's spiritual development. - * - Copyright Birgit Klein. Translated from her book "Jorden doer uden kaerlighed" (Without love the Earth will die).