May 11, 2003

Behind The Secular Mask Of Democracy

Source: Jahangir Mohammed for UmmahNews


The arrogance and crusading zeal of the Judeo-Christian West never ceases to amaze me. As soon as the Iraqi regime caved in, the high priests of secularism and democracy (the media) unleashed their crusader instincts by debating and discussing how democracy would be implemented in Iraq. They had however forgotten to consult the most essential component of Democracy – the people (of Iraq). For whilst they were debating and rejoicing, at the jubilant crowds celebrating their liberation from Saddam, their arrogance made them fail to hear what the crowds were shouting –“La ilaha illallha” and “Allahu Akbar”. As demonstrations against the occupiers grew, so the shouting turned into powerful calls for Islamic government and rule “No Saddam, No USA, Yes Yes Islam”. It was becoming clear that the Iraqi people save a few opposition poodles in the West were not interested in democracy.

Donald Rumsfield then declared that the US would not accept Islamic Government. He told the Iranians that the US would not accept any interference in Iraq’s affairs from them. The sheer arrogance of these people is amazing. These invaders of European Judeo-Christian origin, with nothing in common with that part of the world, tell people who share a common heritage and history that they should not interfere, but it is okay for them to occupy and impose their values on that nation! The “liberators” were now effectively saying that the Iraqi people could choose any option for government, as long as that choice was not Islam! It is not much of a democracy when you deny people the right to make the one choice that they most desire!

At its core there is a fundamentalism within Democracy, which says that ruling according to Man and Ruling according to God are incompatible (Islam says the same thing). Democracy contains within it an unwritten exclusion clause, which reads- “ The people have a right to choose any form of government they wish, with the exception of a government based upon Islamic rule”. An addendum to this clause reads, “in case of the majority of the people of a nation choosing to vote for Islam, then the only acceptable choice is secular Islam along the model of Turkey”.

The irony of this is lost on Muslims. The West says democracy cannot accept genuine Islamic rule, on the other hand some Muslims say Islam (their version of it) can accept secularism and democracy. In effect these types of Muslim have submitted to the terms, conditions and ideology within the Judeo-Christian West. They have surrendered to the concept of superiority of Man over God (an act of Shirk).

The idea of this unwritten clause within democracy is not just theory but reality. Democracy has over time accepted and embraced every form of government but an Islamic one. The case of the majority choosing Islamic rule by popular elections in Algeria is but one case in point. In Turkey “Islamists” proudly proclaim that they will maintain a secular state and Islam. For the architects of democracy, Islam is more dangerous than any other form of Government. Adolph Hitler was a democrat as he came to power by popular mandate, so Fascism and Democracy are compatible. Jean Marie Le Pen and other European Fascist Parties like the British National Party and its leader Nick Griffin are acceptable and must be allowed their democratic right to express their views no matter how repugnant. However, when it comes to the views of a few individual Muslims who do not have party structures or huge funds, they are a threat to society. Muslims must not be exposed to their views. So Abu Qatada, Sheikh Faisal and others must be locked up and Abu Hamza deported.

Nationalism too is acceptable, as long as the people embrace it, and most Arabs and Muslims have certainly done so. Military dictatorship and Royalty also seem to have been particularly compatible with democracy.

The democrats seem to be able accommodate socialists and communists too. Now that the reality of what has happened in Iraq has dawned on the socialists, I don’t see anybody from the socialist and peace camps defending the right of the Iraqi people to choose Islamic Government. Many of those on the left support the Munafiqeen Khalq Organisation in Iraq against Iran (with whom the US has just struck a deal). In the end, the socialists are just as much determined to impose their values on Muslims, as the Crusaders.

Democracy seems also to produce and accept racist governments. The United States and Britain considered themselves democracies even whilst they practised slavery against African peoples. Both these nations accepted the racist Apartheid regime in South Africa until the very end, and considered it democratic, as long as the whites held elections.

Religious states (non Islamic ones) are also compatible with democracy. The Vatican state within Italy is considered quite okay, and the Zionist apartheid state of Israel, whose very existence is based on a supposed promise by God to the Jewish people (an argument accepted by secular democracies and the UN!), is considered a bastion of democracy in the Middle East. And you can be a Brahmin Hindu fundamentalist government like that in India and be considered the biggest democracy in the world.

Democracy it seems is very accommodating of all kinds of variations of Government except Islamic rule. In fact democracy is mask behind which lurks all kinds of barbarism and evil as we have just witnessed in Iraq.

These days democracy seems to be losing its appeal in the West, most people seem to have given up on democratic elections and politicians, they simply don’t trust them or the system anymore. They don’t believe democracy can deliver any meaningful change in their lives. So as usual in the West, when something has outlived its usefulness its time to export it to the “Third World” and Muslims. Just like the Church of England and Christianity. With Churches empty in the West, (except the USA) their priests now seem to spend all their effort on missions in Africa, Latin America, and Asia (Bangladesh seems to be a particularly popular destination).

Whilst the Muslim world was busy accepting the last lot of Western castaway ideologies and their associated governments i.e. monarchies and nationalist or socialist states; western democracies were moving forward with their real hidden agenda, a global government and world order based on their secular Judeo-Christian values – A kind of Secular Caliphate. Whilst they were telling us about the virtues of non-violence and non-military means for resolving political problems, they were building the most awesome and powerful military weapons and armies the world has ever seen. They knew only too well that military might represent a source of power in the world without which they could not establish their Global Government.

With this new global government comes a new religion and another crusade against the Muslim world. But what they bring is far from democratic. Theoretically, in a democracy, if the majority of people believe homosexuality is acceptable, then man made laws would reflect that. So equally, if the majority of people in a state believe that homosexuality is unnatural, a threat to the social order, and violation of Gods laws (as they do in African and Muslim countries), surely the laws of those lands should reflect that? Well apparently not. Now there is campaign at the UN to outlaw states that don’t accept the values of the West against the wishes of their own people.

And if the majority of women in Muslim lands believe in Burkha, Hijab and Chador, well they are not exercising their democratic rights and freedom of religion, but are simple oppressed and brainwashed - denied their human right to remove their clothing (its strange how previously European colonialist that went to Africa believed that Africans were uncivilised because many tribes wore minimal clothing and tried to keep them clothed. The new imperialists go to these countries and tell them they are uncivilised as they refuse to remove their clothing like them!). This is because now, only the values of secularism are to be considered universal, not those of God. And if the High Priests of this new Deen of secularism are the media, then its disciples are the Human Rights activists and agencies, who just like true crusaders, arrogantly only consider their values as human and universally applicable. Many Muslims have foolishly embraced this bandwagon.

So now they present this redundant democracy to the Muslim world, and there are no shortage of takers. Many Muslims simply don’t have the intellectual capacity or sense to recognise what is happening. In the UK and US they naively shout, “vote”, “lobby”, “join Labour, join the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats”. Sadly for them, politics has entered a new global phase beyond their intellectual and physical reach. And whilst the majority of non-Muslims in the West are desperate for a new politics and leadership, and no longer bother voting, Muslims are told to do just the opposite. But they will learn the hard way.

In the Muslim world too, there are democracy dinosaurs from the Arab world, like those on the BBC Question Time from Abu Dhabi, last week who said “we want democracy” so many times that you would actually believe this was a new religion (in fact although the West likes to claim that Islam is outdated and ancient, democracy is much older, dating to Greek and Roman times). Muslims of Arab origins are particularly obsessed with democracy, and even talk of its compatibility with Islam. This is partly the result of living under tyrannical regimes. They behave like a Romeo infatuated with an attractive appearing woman, but totally oblivious to her internal character. The more the woman spurns his advances the more infatuated the Romeo becomes. Equally the more democracy is denied them in their lands the more they desire it.

Now the crusaders bring them a gift of what they desire, a beautiful Burkha clad democracy. Previously, wherever the European colonialists went to conquer they brought gifts. To the Red Indians they brought smallpox infected blankets. To the Indians they supposedly brought trade. To the Africans they brought Christianity. The Crusader States of the colonial period sent their Christian Missionaries first, and their armies afterwards. An old African saying rings true “when the Christian missionaries came to us, they put the Bible in front of us and said this is the path to your salvation. But to be near to God you have to close your eyes. And whilst we were trying to reach God through the bible with our eyes closed, they robbed us. When we opened our eyes they had taken everything we had”. Muslims need to be wary of these new gifts from European Judeo-Christian Crusaders

Now they are up to their old tricks again, only this time they present democracy as our salvation. To reach this goal you have to vote and have elections, and set up representative governments and bodies. You have to join the “world community” and work through the family of the United Nations. And whilst we are busy doing this with our eyes closed, wasting our time and energy in pursuit of another false God, they are robbing us and crusading against us, and imposing their ways on us. By the time we open our eyes they will have reached Mecca and Medina.

But remove the mask from democracy and you see the same ingredients of previous crusaders - brute imperialism, colonialism, loot, plunder, murder and pillage. Behind the scenes lurk the spectre of Christianity and Zionism in partnership with a secular this worldly power, (only this time the crusader states send their armies to invade first and then send in the missionaries afterwards). Beneath the false mask of democracy are the universal values that come with it, illegitimate leaders and rule, godlessness, adultery, fornication, pornography, alcoholism, homosexuality, usury and unfettered greed. The same European Crusaders are bringing their same old ideas and values. These Crusaders like their predecessors are so utterly arrogant and convinced of the superiority of their ways, and their military power, that they will stop at nothing to impose them on Muslims. Sadly Muslims have fallen into the trap of attempting to reason with this arrogant civilisation, instead of following the clear instructions of the Qur'aan. You see the result of these debates in the media. Muslims that have mentally accepted the superiority of democracy and its universal values, then apologetically try to convince the world that Islam is just as modern and civilised and can live up to their standards. The Qur'aan tells us that arrogance is incapable of being reasoned with; it makes them “deaf, dumb and blind”. It is simply enough to say to them what we are instructed to do so in this beautiful verse of the Qur'aan by Allah (swt).

Say: (Oh Muhammad to these Mushrikun and Kafirun) “Oh Al- Kafirun, I worship not that which you worship. Nor will you worship that which I worship. And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping. Nor will you worship that which I am worshipping. To you be your Deen and to me my Deen” (Sura Al Kafirun).

Muslims do not want your democracy, or your values, nor do you want what we want - Gods rule or his values. To you be your ways, and to us ours. And if you do not leave Muslims alone, and as long as you continue to Crusade against them and their lands, to enforce your ways, then there will inevitably be Jihad against you.