Paul "Jerry" Bremer, a ex-diplomat specialist in the counter-terrorism close to the republican Party

MBA, Harvard University
CEP, Institut D'Etudes Politiques of the University of Paris
BA, Yale University
with a reputation for being blunt

Bremer, L. Paul III (b. 1941) -- also known as Paul Bremer -- of Connecticut. Born in 1941. Foreign Service officer; U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands, 1983-86; U.S. Ambassador at large, 1986-89. Still living as of 2000.

Bremer, Paul See L. Paul Bremer III

During his career with the State Department, Bremer was an assistant to six different secretaries of state, including Henry Kissinger. After retiring he joined Kissinger Associates as managing director.

a close friend of Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld and despite his history with the state department, will report directly to the Pentagon

Member, President's Homeland Security Advisory Council, June 2002

Chairman, Marsh Political Risk Practice (2000 - present)

Chief Operating Officer, Kissinger & Associates - Strategic Risk Consulting firm (1989 - 2000)

Director, Air Products & Chemicals Corp (1993 - present)

Director, Akzo Nobel NV (1997 - present)

Trustee, Economic Club of New York (1993 - present)

Director, Harvard Business School Club of New York

Ambassador-at-Large for Counter-Terrorism, U.S. Department of State (1986 - 1989)

Chairman, bipartisan National Commission on Terrorism Ambassador to the Netherlands (1983-86)

23-year career in the U.S. diplomatic service, including: Special or Executive Assistant to six Secretaries of State. Responsible for the State Department's Crisis Management and Emergency Response Center (for four years)

Marsh Inc., the world's leading risk and insurance services firm, has 35,000 employees and annual revenues of $4.8 billion. The firm provides advice and transactional capabilities to clients in over 100 countries. Marsh is a unit of Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC), a global professional services firm with 57,000 employees and annual revenues of $10 billion. MMC also is the parent company of Putnam Investments and Mercer Consulting Group. MMC's stock (ticker symbol: MMC) is listed on the New York, Chicago, Pacific and London stock exchanges. MMC's Web site address is Marsh's Web site address is

Akzo Nobel NV
L. Paul Bremer, III - board of trustees

2002 File agencies of notation - cabinets of audit - accountancy - certification Fined for fixing the price and sharing the european market for sodium gluconate: 9 euros million. European Commission 02/10/2001 Commission fines six companies in sodium gluconate trust

2002 File agencies of notation - cabinets of audit - accountancy - certification condemned to the United States with a fine of 12 million dollars for agreement on the prices of the acid monochloroacetic. Echoes FRA 06/06/2002 Inquire of Brussels into a possible trust in chemistry

1999 File agencies of notation - cabinets of audit - accountancy - certification conspiracy to fix prices and share markets for sodium gluconate in Canada, fined Ca$ 350 000.

year objective intermédiaire/lobby institutionsource 2000 Limit the legal liability, No price control, No list of preferred drugs, hampers the approval and marketing of generic drugs, No drug imports, No limit to drug advertising? Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America File Influences companies on the institutions states-uniennes US government, congress, senate Washington Post the USA 21/11/2002 Election Gives Drug Industry New Influences in Congress

2000 Top spin the round of applause one bovine growth let us hormons, the moratorium one GMOs EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Associations) File Influences companies on the European institutions European Commission EFPIA 13/11/2000 EFPIA Member companies

2000 Market access (through WTO), cheaper energy (through energy liberalization in Europe); uniform rules to enable the patenting of seedlings and animals (through TRIPS); advert legislation one chemicals, coil-regulation instead prevent; CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council) File Influences companies on the European institutions European Commission Fedesa 19/09/2000 Fedesa corporate members

1999 Market access and investment protection (through WTO, GATS), avoid social and environmental rules ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) File Influences companies on the international institutions WTO, GATS Corporate Europe Observatory NLD 01/01/2000 ICC: Powerhouse Of Corporate-Led Globalisation

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Environment year nature consequencessource 2002 File pollution Pollution Netherlands failed to submit required emissions calculations for volatile organic compounds and fine particle pollutants: $55,700 fine.
Air Products & Chemicals Inc.
L. Paul Bremer, III - management


2002 File agencies of notation - cabinets of audit - accountancy - certification Agreement on the prices in the Netherlands: amend of 2,76 million euros.


year objective amount intermédiaire/lobby institutionsource 2001 Access to foreign market (through MAY, WTO, GATS), prevent binding environmental regulations USCIB (US Council For International Business) File Influences companies on the institutions states-uniennes US Government USCIB THE USA 01/01/2003 USCIB Statement one the GATS Financial Agreement Services
2000 Investment protection and market access (to Mexico City and Canada through NAFTA), to Latin America (through FTAA). Roundtable Business File Influences companies on the institutions states-uniennes US government, senate, congress Center for In reply Politics the USA 18/06/2001 Business Roundtable Members Money Software, CAP & Individual Contributions 1999-00
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The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition Editorial - August 5, 1996

Terrorists' Friends Must Pay a Price
By L. Paul Bremer III
If President Clinton means to get serious about the fight against terrorism, he should leave the White House Press Room and head downstairs to the basement Situation Room. There he should gather the National Security Council and deliver the following address:

Events of the past two months have made clear that we must take significant new steps to fight terrorism. It is my responsibility to the American people to show them that their government will not tolerate attacks on her citizens here or abroad. For too long the terrorists have had the initiative. Now we must act decisively to change the dynamic by returning to the basic principles of our counterterrorism policy. First, the United States will not make concessions to terrorists, for to do so would be to take the first step down the endless road of blackmail. By our actions as well as our words, we must show that countries that use, sponsor or protect terrorists will pay a significant price. And we must make the terrorists themselves worry that they are not safe from our reach, no matter where they are. As in so many areas, the world looks to America for leadership in this fight. Therefore, I am today ordering the following actions:

1. The director of the FBI is to take immediate steps to double within 60 days the number of informants the bureau has working against terrorists based in the U.S. I want weekly progress reports.

2. The director of Central Intelligence is to restore all budgetary and personnel cuts made in recent years to the CIA's counterterrorism effort, with the specific goal of doubling its operations to penetrate foreign-based terrorist groups within 120 days.

3. The attorney general is to use expedited legal procedures to expel all U.S. residents suspected of involvement in terrorist activities. I want a progress report within 30 days.

4. The secretary of state is to re-establish the position of ambassador-at-large for counterterrorism, reporting directly to the secretary, with responsibility for coordination of our overseas counterterrorism policy. He is to provide me with the names of three nominees for the position within 24 hours.

5. The secretary of state will send a diplomatic message to Libya's Moammar Gadhafi tonight through the Belgians informing him that within seven days he must turn over to us the Pan Am 103 bombers, close down all terrorist training camps, expel all terrorists from Libya and cease construction on his new chemical weapons plant. If he does not, Libya will bear the full brunt of American anger. The Defense Department is to move elements of the Sixth Fleet into the Gulf of Sidra, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are toprovide me updated lists of Libyan targets, both within 48 hours.

6. The secretary of state is to send a telegram tonight to Syrian President Hafez al-Assad noting that we will reconsider our relations with Syria unless his country immediately closes the terrorist training camps in the Bekaa Valley, closes all terrorist groups' offices in Damascus, stops aiding Hezbollah and forbids Iranian flights to resupply Hezbollah through the Damascus airport. The Joint Chiefs of Staff are to provide me updated target lists for the terrorist camps in the Bekaa Valley within 48 hours.

7. The secretary of state will alert the Iranians tonight through the Swiss that if our country gets any indication of Iranian involvement in terrorism against Americans anywhere, Iran can expect to receive the full weight of American might. The Joint Chiefs of Staff are to update target lists within Iran for my review within 30 days and prepare contingency steps to beef up our naval presence in the Persian Gulf.

8. The secretary of state is to cable his counterparts in Europe and Japan tonight telling them of our message to the Iranians and drawing their attention to its implications for their continued political and commercial support for Iran.

9. The secretary of state will tell the government of Sudan tonight that it has seven days to close down all terrorist camps under its control and to deliver to the Egyptians the men who tried to assassinate President Hosni Mubarak last year. Otherwise, the Sudanese will feel our anger. The Joint Chiefs of Staff will target known Sudanese terrorist camps within 48 hours.

10. The State Department is to inform Gerry Adams that he will no longer be welcome in the U.S. as long as Sein Fein-IRA continues its terrorism.

These are not options. They are presidential decisions. I recognize that they are difficult to carry out, and that in some respects they may conflict with other American policy objectives. Some will say they risk war. But if there is war, it will be the terrorists who have brought it upon us, and I don't intend to lose it. If any of you feel you cannot support this program, will receive your resignation immediately after this meeting. I have asked the national security adviser to give me a progress report in 12 hours. We will reconvene in 24 hours.

I want no discussion of these matters outside this room. Let America's silence be ominous; her actions compelling. Copyright 1996 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Mr. Bremer, President Reagan's ambassador-at-large for counterterrorism, is managing director of Kissinger Associates.

William J. Bennett, former Secretary of Education and Chairman of AVOT
James Woolsey, former CIA Director and AVOT Senior Advisor
Ambassador L. Paul Bremer, former Ambassador-At-Large for Counter Terrorism and AVOT Senior Advisor


"This fight cannot be won on the defensive ... So we must go on the offensive. To be blunt, we have to kill the terrorists before they kill us." - Mr. Bremer